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    What is needed for a successful Austin PPC campaign?

    An Austin PPC (pay per click) campaign is only as effective as the partner you are working with to make it happen. This type of online advertising entails having paid Google ads placed in key positions, targeting certain types of visitors, and converting them into traffic for your website. While the concept may sound simple enough, creating a successful campaign requires clearly defined goals, understanding of search engine regulations, diversification, and intense knowledge of the overall process.

    In some cases, business owners have found the process of SEM (search engine marketing) easy enough to handle on their own. However, PPC campaigns can be incredibly time consuming and/or become costly if handled incorrectly. Bottom line, to have a successful Austin PPC or SEM campaign, you need expertise in management. This is where SEO Austin can help.

    Our highly knowledgeable team understands the ins and outs of running a successful PPC campaign. We understand diversification in ad groups, the number of platforms utilized, and how to find the right target audience on the right websites at the optimal time for display. We also know how to get the best return on investment (ROI) for your budget needs.

    To learn more about our Austin SEO services and PPC programs, please give us a call today.

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    What is the difference between Austin PPC vs SEO services?

    One of the biggest questions we get from clients is whether there is a difference between Austin PPC and SEO services? While both serve specific online marketing goals, there is a noted difference between these two campaigns.

    Search engine optimization (SEO) has long range objectives, based on establishing brand authority online. This type of campaign includes optimizing search terms for high visibility in the search engines over time. This process is natural, organic, and requires time to establish via a variety of marketing strategies.

    SEM and PPC campaigns are an excellent choice for both long and short term goals. These goals include gaining high exposure right away and attracting customers almost instantly. However, unlike SEO, this type of campaign is centered on paid ads. The moment you stop paying for these ads, the exposure is eliminated.

    While both types have their merits, it is important to work with a team that understands when and where each strategy is important. Failure to do so can really be harmful to your budget and overall online brand authority. At SEO Austin, our knowledgeable and experienced team can help you ensure your efforts are not wasted-through SEO, PPC, or both.

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    How do I know what to spend on Austin PPC services?

    The most important thing to know about PPC is that you can easily end up spending more than your budget if you are not careful. The right online marketing team will help you determine the amount you can spend on PPC ads and still maintain an appropriate return on investment (ROI).

    SEO Austin’s main goal is to help you create brand authority online without causing problems for your bottom line. We offer our clients continuous PPC key performance reports to help them determine if they are investing the right amount based on their return and whether their return is achieving the level of success expected. From there, we can also assist with analyzing the data to decide whether there are enough indicators to increase or reduce spending on a particular campaign.

    Find out why we are the right choice for your Austin social media, PPC, and/or SEO campaign. Please contact us today for more details.

Top benefits of running an Austin PPC campaign for your local business

  • March 7, 2016
    Published by SEO Austin

    Clients regularly ask what the benefits of an Austin PPC campaign actually are. Short for pay per click, the process generally refers to the ads that come up at the top of a page when you search for a particular term. (If you’ve looked for anything on Google or Bing over the last few years, you’ve encountered PPC advertising firsthand.)

    The biggest benefit to an Austin PPC campaign is that it places you ahead of your competitors on the first page of search engines. The ad is generally viewed the same day it is placed and you only pay for the number of people who actually click on your ad to be connected to your website. This type of advertising is also referred to as search engine marketing or SEM. (This is in stark contrast to search engine optimization, which is a long term strategy where it could take months for your site to show up on the first page of results.)

    Austin PPC campaigns require a tremendous amount of time and attention to detail to be fully successful. In addition, the best way to make sure the benefits of a pay per click campaign stick is to pair them with other forms of internet marketing in Austin. These include search engine optimization (free traffic), social media campaigns, and more.

  • February 27, 2016
    Published by SEO Austin

    Wondering what an Austin PPC campaign could do for your local business? Many businesses with a strong traditional marketing presence still haven’t made the plunge into the world of SEO, PPC, Social Marketing, and other internet marketing approaches—but the world is moving fast, and it’s only become more important as the internet saturates the population to greater and greater degrees. So before you move on, make sure you know the amazing benefits a PPC campaign might offer you:

    New customers : Quite straightforwardly, a PPC campaign gives you access to new prospects, and thus new customers. For the most part, you’re going to be targeting a completely different audience with PPC than you would social marketing, or traditional advertisements, or an SEO-based web campaign. By working with a PPC firm to develop a strong ad campaign, you can tap a whole new pool of customers for your business.

    Future-proofing : Every year, more and more customers ditch traditional media and favor the internet for information on where to shop, what to buy, etc. A strong PPC campaign protects you against the possibility finding yourself with wholly obsolete marketing.

    Highly efficient ROI : With a properly configured PPC campaign feeding into a well-built website, you’re looking at the potential for an amazing ROI. Few avenues for advertising can compete with the prospects of a good pay-per-click strategy, especially if you continue to tweak and develop it over time

  • November 27, 2015
    Published by SEO Austin

    Looking into Austin PPC services, but not sure whether it’s the right move for your marketing strategy? There are dozens of reasons to take advantage of the power of PPC for your Austin business, whether you’re operating primarily in the real world or online; consider these three benefits of PPC for your marketing:

    1. Quantifiable ROI : Compared to many of your other options, PPC stands out as uniquely easy to quantify as an investment—that’s to say, it’s very easy to look at a PPC campaign and judge whether it’s a sound investment. Even if you want to get more advanced with the metrics you apply, most PPC campaigns and software solutions will make doing so trivial; you can quite easily arrive at cost-per-lead, or even develop a direct cost vs. profit analysis, with the right tools.

    2. Find and target new market segments : The easily accessible data of a PPC campaign can give your business new insight into who buys from you, how they come across your business, and how different approaches diverge in terms of marketing response, preferred content, and closure rates.

    3. Extreme flexibility : There are very few situations where a company can’t benefit from PPC; whether you’re focusing on inbound marketing, social media outreach, or cold emailing, you can easily add a PPC campaign to your overall strategy and reap the benefits.

    Ready to get Austin PPC ads working for your business and take your competition down a notch? Reach out to a reputable digital marketing firm and find out what a PPC campaign can do for your marketing efforts—and your bottom line.

  • September 30, 2015
    Published by SEO Austin

    You cannot get a more effective form of paid advertising than PPC. As long as you follow the basic tenets of ad creation (which Austin PPC can help you with) you can really clean house using pay-per-click advertising.

    So what are the basic tenets?
    #1 Generate interest

    If you’ve been in business for any length of time you’ve probably come across A.I.D.A.–Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. It’s pretty simple. Create an ad that compels people to click your link. (By the way, well-done search engine results are actually highly stylized advertisements.)
    #2 Cultivate interest

    If a person clicked your link, he or she is likely already interested in your offer, so now you have to nurture that interest with compelling copy, a well-made video, or a stylish infographic. That’s your basic landing page content. Of course. the job of that content is to build the prospective customer’s desire for your product or service. You do that by showing how your company can satisfy the prospect’s wants and needs.
    #3 Close the net

    Build in a call to action (CTA). Attach an irresistible offer to the CTA to optimize the chances of prospects clicking through to your sales funnel.

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