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Posted on April 6, 2014 by SEO Austin

You may have noticed that when you browse a web page, particularly a search engine such as Google or a social media site like Facebook, a lot of advertisements pop up in the margins of the page. These advertisements are forms of online marketing ads known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, an essential part of promoting a business. If you’re looking for a way to grow your business, increase your clientele, and advertise in an affordable and easy way, you should consider Austin pay-per-click marketing.

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Austin pay-per-click advertising is a form of advertising where businesses post ads onto websites, most usually search engines or social media sites. The purpose of PPC is to direct Internet traffic to a business’s website by having people click on the advertisement, which then leads them to the business’s website. The great thing about pay-per-click is that advertisers-or businesses-only pay for the cost of the advertisement when the ad is clicked. If no one clicks on the ad, there are no costs accrued.

Flat-Rate vs. Bidding-Based Pay-Per-Click

There are two main ways in which a business owner can purchase PPC advertising: through a flat rate or through bidding.

Flat-rate PPC: If you’re on a budget, flat-rate PPC advertising is the recommended method. In a flat-rate PPC, you and the website (publisher) decide upon the fixed rate that will be charged for each click on the ad. In this method, you know exactly what you will be paying for each hit to your website. However, this can get costly if more traffic is driven to your site-or the ad is clicked more times-than you expected. Often times, you and the publisher can work out an arrangement where the ad automatically discontinues after it is clicked a certain number of times; i.e., if you’re only allotting $100 to PPC advertising, the ad will remove itself when you’ve reached your $100 limit.

Bidding-based PPC: The other type of PPC advertising is bidding-based. This form of PPC is where the advertiser signs a contract stating that they can compete with others advertising in a network. Each advertiser will bid a certain amount of money that they are willing to pay to the publisher for a spot. This spot is based on a keyword. Each time that a person’s keyword is searched by a web user, the bidding occurs in an automated fashion. Then, the ad with the highest bids is given priority, and this is the ad that will show up first on a page.


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