Top 3 Types of Internet Marketing in Austin

Posted on May 1, 2014 by SEO Austin

The Internet has become an integral part of how consumers find the products and services they are looking for. As a result, it’s pretty much a necessity for businesses to adapt and develop an online presence. Here are three types of Internet marketing in Austin that are cost-effective and can bring in a large volume of traffic.

Social Media Marketing

With over one billion people on Facebook and millions on sites like Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, social media is an excellent medium for reaching consumers. We use a variety of networks that can help you reach a targeted demographic and ultimately build a sizable following. Once a list of followers is established, you can simply post promotional content and it will appear in the feeds of your followers. In many cases, these individuals will share your content with others for even more exposure.


This form of Internet marketing in Austin can have a profound impact on your campaign. It works by utilizing methods like keyword research, keyword density and on-site optimization to get your company’s website ranked highly in search engines. When consumers enter a search phrase, your content will appear, which should result in a significant number of clicks. Because search traffic is organic, it tends to be highly targeted so you know that the majority of traffic has a genuine interest in your products or services. Austin SEO can also be tailored to reach a local audience within central Texas.

Pay Per Click

If you’re looking for extremely quick results, pay per click or PPC is a smart option. This revolves around creating targeted ads to appear in search engine results and relevant websites. Certain keywords are bid on and how much you spend on the keywords will determine exactly where your ads appear. The logic behind PPC is to fine tune your ads so that the revenue from sales vastly outweighs the money that’s funneled into ads. With our knowledge and experience, you can expect to see a solid return on your investment.

By using one or more of these types of Internet marketing in Austin, you can take your business to the next level. It should also have you better prepared for the future and help you keep up with the competition.

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