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Posted on June 3, 2014 by SEO Austin

When used properly, social media may influence the success of a business. We understand the layers involved in marketing your business efficiently and professionally. Austin social media is a niche we dominate and demonstrate.

Per CNNMoney social media is one of the most powerful tools in generating more customers and therefore, increasing revenue. CNN Money recommends all businesses use these sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Pinterest is a sharing site suggested for retailers, and Instagram is a great promotional tool for showing high quality photos of property and goods such as hotels and resorts, and restaurants.

Rules of Social Media

At SEO Austin, Inc. we are the masters at managing Austin social media. It has been proven that business relations and revenue can be vastly improved with the use of social media.

Below are basic rules that a business owner should use when managing his/her own websites:

#1 – Use the best platform.

#2 – Use tools to analyze and measure response.

#3 – Know the best times to post based on industry.

#4 – Develop relationships to engage customers.

#5 – Post high quality photos of products and people.

#6 – Offer discounts to online followers only.

#7 – Devote time to worthwhile social media sites and maintain a high level of quality.

#8 – Know the difference between business postings and personal postings.

#9 – Hire a social media manager.

#10 – Drop a site if it is not working.

#11 – Develop alliances with other businesses.

#12 – Social media trolls exist – don’t engage them.

#13 – Be smart: As a business owner never sync company social media to your smartphone.

#14 – Social media is not a buying and selling site, but a showing site, and a sharing site.

#15 – Provide details in the social profile to capture a larger audience.

#16 – Incorporate social media into the business goals to measure growth.

#17 – Infuse posts and images with enthusiasm and fun.

#18 – Provide interesting, persuasive, and appealing posts that encourage sharing.

#19 – Find the perfect balance between professional-friendly and personal-friendly.

#20 – Business Image: Misspelled words and poor grammar should be avoided at all cost.

The most lucrative form of internet marketing in Austin is social media. By joining the ranks of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, we can assure you of a healthy following. Our team is highly educated and we have combined experience with advanced training and rule the world of online advertising.

We know the psychology behind what draws different demographics. Our team actively engages existing and potential clients in a friendly, yet always professional manner. Our social media experts deliver quality every time, and promote customer sharing. Running your business may already fill your time, so it may be wise to invest in a social media manager.

Managing Austin social media is a full time job and most business owners simply do not have the extra time or energy needed to maintain their business websites. Contact us at SEO Austin, Inc. for your team of web gurus and get started today.


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