Landing Page Tips for Austin PPC Users

Posted on November 19, 2014 by SEO Austin

If you are using Austin PPC to drive customers to your website or brick and mortar store, then you will get better results by sending your customers directly to a landing page instead of to a regular page on your website. Dedicated landing pages create better conversion rates than pages on your site used for other reasons. It is not difficult to create one or more landing pages for your PPC efforts. Here are some tips to setting it up.

  • Focus your PPC/landing page combination on one single goal. The goal can differ for each pair; however each pair should have a simple and direct message. The PPC ad will be to invite the prospect to click. The landing page will focus on converting.
  • The PPC ad should raise a question or need in a customer’s mind. Make the tone of the ad strong and compelling, asking the client if they have a specific need that is not being fulfilled.
  • The landing page should expand on that need, asking them the question in an expanded format, and then suggesting that they read your guide or watch your video to get an answer.
  • PPC ads are similar in technique to getting a gold star from the teacher. You are rewarding the customer for getting the right answer (clicking the link). The reward is the free information that you are giving them.
  • The goal should always focus on the conversion. The conversion can be one of many things–downloading a whitepaper, setting up an appointment, having a demo or buying a product.
  • The indicator of a successful PPC ad is the conversion. While traffic is positive, if you are getting traffic but a trickle of conversions, then something is wrong and your PPC ads need tweaking.
  • Landing pages should attract attention, then build on their need and offer a solution. They should be simple and bold in format without distractions. This concept is one reason why a regular web page will not work as a landing page. If it is not a dedicated page, there are too many distractions.

The Austin PPC ad and the Landing Page are a one-two punch. The prospect is convinced they need to convert because the product fulfills their need, so they do. Simple as that. Contact us to learn how to set up this dynamic process.

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