Austin Pay Per Click Campaigns are a Succesful Marketing Tool

Posted on November 21, 2014 by SEO Austin

Austin pay per click campaigns have been quite successful at driving new prospects through the sales funnel for a variety of industries. If you understand how to structure the PPC campaign, then you can take advantage of this inbound marketing technique to find new clientele for your business. It is important to design an Internet marketing Austin campaign carefully to appeal to your ideal customer base. The more focused your efforts, the better results you will see from your marketing.

The first step to an Austin pay per click campaign is to understand your ideal target customer. Creating detailed profile for that customer will ensure that you can look through their eyes and learn what their needs are that need to be fulfilled. Thinking of the questions that customer would ask can give you the marketing campaign focus or concept. Your job will be to offer a solution for the customer’s problem.

The pay per click ad should be very direct and single-minded. Ask a question to present a need, then offer a solution if they click through the ad. You may find that some ad wordings will work better than others. You can test conversion rates using A/B split testing to find the magical word combination for your ad. Once this testing has been completed, you will understand how to get the best results from your Austin pay per click advertising.

Pay per click ads work best if they are linked to a dedicated landing page. The job of the landing page is to convert the customer to take a single action. That action can be to make a call, set up an appointment, download a paper or buy a product. The landing page should be focused and direct, offering a potential solution for a customer if they just take that action. Once the action has been taken, then it is your job to respond to the client as soon as possible to get the best results from the process. Studies have shown that prospects that are contacted within the first hour provide the best results exponentially, and that after the first 24 hours the conversion rate dwindles almost to nothing.

Following these recommended practices when creating Austin pay per click ads will land you the results that you are looking for. Contact SEO Austin Inc. to find out more about this process.

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