Small and Micro Business Bootstrapping With SEO Austin Inc

Posted on November 26, 2014 by SEO Austin

As many know or soon realize, financial footing can be one of the biggest challenges to getting a new small business off the ground. Consumer awareness is clearly one of the others, but awareness can’t happen if the word doesn’t get out. Fortunately, micro and small businesses have two big advantages going for them: the Internet and pay per click (PPC) marketing tools.

Search engines are a great way for a small business to reach customers and vice versa. A good website can literally replace the need for a physical address in some situations, and it can generate it’s own revenue stream entirely separate from other business ventures and processes. However, with the complexity of today’s search engine ranking systems, just having a website show up in a search engine isn’t enough; if a presence doesn’t exist in the first five pages of search results, a business might as well not exist at all. This is where Austin PPC marketing really gives an Austin micro or small business a big advantage and leg up.

Operating on a bootstrap budget is often a necessity for a small operation getting started. Until a steady revenue stream and long-term investment begin to materialize, spotty cash flow and bare bone operating expenses are the norm versus the exception. Fortunately, Austin PPC campaigns fit right into this scenario without a problem. That’s because pay per click campaigns only charge fees for the activity that actually occurs. So if an ad gets placed online but no one responds to it, the business doesn’t get charged. When customers do click through only then does a charge occur. Given the price level of many per click contracts, just one sale can more than cover a month’s worth of activity, so the model really works well financially for a business operating on very tight margins.

SEM plans often tailor themselves extremely well to local business needs and search as well. When someone looks for a service or product in a local area, they often tie the search to a geographical location. Pay per click ads can be tied to specific client websites via words as well as locations, which ensures that the ads only appear on relevant searches for a given location or region. That in turn makes sure that consumers see businesses that are really relevant to their specific area, especially if they want to visit the business in person.

Other real time practical benefits that come from Austin SEO services from PPC plans can include the following:

  • An extremely affordable way to offset being unable to appear in the top ranking of a given search category or query type.
  • A secondary downstream effect in that PPC traffic helps build popularity for a business’ website which in turn can naturally boost its placement in regular search results.
  • PPC campaigns run 24/7, so regardless of the time zone or when your customers are active, the ads will appear when they search for the right terms and words that trigger the ad placement.

So if your business is running a very tight financial model waiting for a big break, PPC should not be ignored. It provides a very easy way to build product awareness for very little cost up front. And the activity is extremely measurable so efforts can be changed quickly when they aren’t producing the right results.

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