3 Tips for a Successful Austin PPC Campaign

Posted on March 9, 2015 by SEO Austin

Running a successful Austin PPC campaign is easy if you work with the right partner. However, there are a few aspects that can make the process even better. Here are three tips for a successful pay per click campaign.

#1: Understanding Which Keywords to Target (and Which to Skip)

Keyword choice is a key component to a successful Austin PPC campaign. It is important to target search terms that effectively represent your business, marketing goals, and the needs of your customer. However, it is also important to target keywords that are narrow enough to draw attention to your website. For example, targeting a large keyword such as “plumbing companies” is too broad and most likely brings up competitors outside of your general region. By narrowing your pay per click targeting to “Sugarland plumbing companies” (or something similar) you are more apt to have a successful return on investment.

#2: Targeting Ads Appropriately

Targeting ads appropriately is also an essential part of an SEM campaign. Select ad times that meet your potential customer’s documented web browsing habits. Choose geographic targeting locations where your most popular sales groups are. By keeping this small thing in mind, you can drastically improve your visits, sales, and return on investment.

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#3: Combining Austin Pay Per Click with Search Engine Optimization

To really make your pay per click campaign successful, it is important to pair it with overall search engine optimization on your website. By making sure your page is bringing in enough organic (free) traffic on its own, you can help offset any paid clicks that don’t ultimately lead to sales conversions.

The most important thing to remember about pay per click ads is that they take constant attention and trial to get right. What may work for one company could be a total flop for another. The best course of action to take with any paid marketing campaign is to start small, make changes until you see results, and scale up. Doing so can lead to much bigger profits, conversions, and returns in the future.

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