4 Types of Companies that Benefit from an Austin Pay Per Click Campaign

Posted on March 25, 2015 by SEO Austin

One of the biggest misconceptions about Austin pay per click campaigns is that they are only for those with e-commerce stores. The truth is, there are many different types of companies that do not sell their products and services online. Here are four different types of companies that benefit from a paid marketing campaign.

#1: Landscaping and Lawn Care Companies

Landscaping and lawn care companies are an excellent candidate for an Austin pay per click campaign. Consumers regularly look to the web to try and find gardening contractors in their area. A pay per click marketing campaign ensures your website will be at the top of the page when potential customers are on the hunt for someone to help them beautify their home or business.

#2: Day Spas and Beauty Parlors

Another great candidate for a pay per click campaign is day spas and beauty parlors. While word of mouth is still the best marketing technique for these types of businesses, plenty of customers still turn to search engines to find out where to get pampering in their area. Running a PPC campaign will help put you at the top of those search pages immediately, getting your salon noticed.

#3: Retail Stores

Many retail shops believe that they have to sell products online in order for an Austin pay per click campaign to be successful. This is false. There are many consumers who would rather drive to a brick-and-mortar store to see products in person before purchasing them. A well planned pay per click campaign can help these customers understand your business is in their area and give them an idea of where they need to go to get a particular item.

#4: Restaurants

Restaurants are another great candidate for a pay per click campaign. When diners are hungry for a particular type of cuisine in their area, they often turn to the web to find out a location. With PPC advertising, your search engine listing is placed prominently on the page to help your establishment get noticed.

While these are four great examples of small business company types that benefit from pay per click, there are many more. Even B2B companies are finding PPC to be effective. For more information on starting your own Austin PPC campaign, please contact us today.

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