Paid vs. Organic Search, and Why You Need Both

Posted on May 31, 2015 by SEO Austin


Paid vs. Organic Search, and Why You Need Both

The mysterious realms of the online world are difficult for the majority of people to comprehend. Mounds of conflicting information and uncredited sources of material penetrate the Internet but fail to capture the true meaning of “Search”. Discovering honest advice can prove difficult. That, in itself, is why people believe false information they find online.

The opportunity to be successful online depends on a crucial factor – traffic. There is no doubt about it… without a steady flow of clicks, your site will not sustain itself. Businesses have the opportunity to make sure that traffic is continually increased to their website. This involves the implementation of two types of search into your web repertoire.

For a long time, there have been two seemingly conflicting fields in this area. Despite what you may have heard, paid search methods and organic methods are not mutually exclusive. In fact, the two can work in synchronicity. That is to say that they can both work together to improve your site. For the most part, people worry because they don’t understand either of these strategies. The fact of the matter is that it is hard to be an expert in either field unless you work in the industry. Learning about the processes is an ongoing battle and so constantly gathering information is a must. Not sure which method is for you? You’re not alone. Here is why you can use both methods to enhance your site one day at a time.

The difference between paid and organic searches

First, let’s take a quick look at what the two terms will mean to your business. You have probably heard of these terms in the past, but few people offer true explanations for either. It is crucial that you understand the fine details of each technique in order to use them to gain traffic.

The organic technique has, for a long time, been king in the online world. This method is involves trying to increase your traffic at a steady rate. Using SEO techniques and link building, you can start to draw more and more people to your site. In optimizing your pages, you will find that you increase the amount of people who visit them. This method might take you quite some time to grasp, but when you start to get results, it has a knock-on effect.

The paid technique is a little like the organic technique, but it takes a more aggressive approach. That is to say that you pay to appear in specific searches. You can use Google AdWords to complete this process. For example, you might decide that you want your link to appear in a search for new furniture stores in a particular area. You can set up the AdWord selection to ensure that this will happen. Rather than appearing in the main search, your link will appear in the sidebar with other sponsored links. If you are new to the industry and want quick results, this method is ideal. Strategically, you can use the two methods together to ensure that you get the best possible results for your site.

Over 60% of clicks come from sponsored results

Looking at the facts, recent research shows that over 60% of new clicks come from sponsored links. That means that there has been a decline in people using organic links as opposed to paid ones. Over the years, the way in which people consume information online has changed. People are much more search “savvy” now than they once were. The average consumer is searching for fast and accurate information when they use a search engine. They don’t want to go through pages and pages of content – they want relevant results. This statistic shows that there has been a steady increase in paid search results. It is crucial that you take note of this trend and attempt to incorporate it into your ongoing marketing techniques.

Commercial keywords tend to work best for PPC

So, when should you use PPC rather than organic methods? Well, if you are a commercial business starting out, your top priority will be getting sales as soon as possible. With PPC advertising, you can ensure that the right customers visit your site on a regular basis. It would take you months to ensure that this happens through organic systems. That means that SEO will not give you the results that you crave at the same rate as a paid campaign.

If you choose paid methods as your primary technique, you have the ultimate level of control over who visits your site. This way of reaching out to a client base will get you super quick results, which is fantastic. In the long term, though, you want people to view you as a legitimate entity. That means that you need to rank highly in organic searches as well as having AdWords. This fact is the main reason we suggest the two techniques in tandem.

The two opposing methods complement one another

While the paid method works to enhance your reach in the short term, you need to have a long-term plan of action. It would not be sustainable to have a PPC campaign running throughout the entirety of your business career. Not only would this method prove expensive, its success rate would also decline over time. Many people have the wrong approach when it comes to these two techniques. They think that you need to choose a side and stick with it. That mentality can slow your client’s search results and no business wants that to happen. An intelligent marketer knows that you need to use a multitude of different methods to maximize results. These two techniques should be complementary components of a wider scale plan.

Paid searches help you to reach out to new clients

If you launch a new product line or even a new business, you have the almighty task of reaching a new demographic of people. Using organic methods does not give you the same level of control that you get with paid methods. You can target a niche demographic with PPC advertising, which means you can tailor your campaign. When you first embark on a campaign like this one, you have the opportunity to capture the market of your choosing. You will, of course, need to speak to a proven expert in the field who will help you with each step of the process. There are Google accredited organizations and even individuals who can help you with this method. Smart business is having an expert on your side that can properly guide you to use sponsored links as your main form of advertising.

Organic searches help to give your brand authenticity

You should think of the PPC method as the hook. Once you have hooked people, you need to reel them in to assure them stay. While the paid method might ensure that people click on your site once, you need to show them that you are the best search result for their need. Appearing in relevant searches is the only way to ensure that this happens and starting an organic growth campaign is optimal. You should be aware of the fact that it can take quite some time for this campaign to take off. Don’t let that put you off. At the same time, you can have the PPC campaign working to grab new customers. Later, the other campaign will kick in and ensure that those customers stick with you for the long term.

Organic search methods work for informal searches

Sometimes, when a consumer is unsure of what they want, they will try an informal search. That means they will type in a question or just a few random keywords. These customers are not ready to buy a product; instead, they want information. This particular group of people is unlikely to click on paid links because they are more informed when it comes to the internet. They have an inherent distrust for sponsored content online. The organic growth method will work for this group of people because they are likely to click a link in the main search area.

Paid methods work for ultra commercial searches

There is another group of consumers of which you should be aware, though, and that is the group who are ready to buy products. This group of people searches specific terms, such as “cheap pet insurance in Florida”. It is clear from that search what the person is looking for and that they want to buy it right now. In these instances, research has found that paid methods are the most effective. That is because the sponsored links tend to be the best possible match for the terms.

Conclusion: Long term vs. short term investment options

Now that you understand the particulars of each method, you should consider how to use them to your advantage. Organic growth is an excellent long-term solution for any company. Paid campaigns work to grab people’s attention and drive a heavy amount of traffic to the site, quickly. If you use both of these methods, you will find that you have an immensely popular site, with the proper consumers finding your products and services – and that translates not only into ROI, but revenue.

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