How Local Business Can Grow Exponentially With Austin Social Media

Posted on September 17, 2015 by SEO Austin

Advertising and marketing for Austin businesses has changed with social media. The ability to reach large numbers of potential clients has grown dramatically. The ease with which you can spread the news of your local company and grow your bottom line makes advertising easier, less expensive, and super effective. But without a real strategic approach, well-designed ads, and good timing, you may be wasting your time.

SEO Austin offers solutions for those problems. Our team of professional writers, creators, and analytics experts will create a social media marketing campaign that generates powerful results. So the question isn’t why should you use a local social media campaign. The question is why aren’t you?

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits of a social media campaign as well as some of the technical details.
1. How Can an Austin Social Media Campaign Grow Your Business?

As you know, social media marketing has changed the marketing game dramatically. Small fish can compete with the big fish because social has made the pond smaller. The reach you can achieve is so much more broad, and if you have a solid, strategic campaign you can grow your bottom line exponentially and quickly.

There are many different methods for using social media and many ways to build your following. The big key is paying attention to what your target audience is saying. Twitter is a great place to listen to the top trends within your industry. Facebook is a powerful way to really connect.

Once you know what’s trending in your industry you can create relevant posts. These posts will attract visitors, followers, prospects and buyers. LinkedIn is another way to connect that’s perfect for B2B clients. One of the biggest movera in social today is Instagram. On Instagram you post images with content in the comments pages. You can’t link directly to outside sites yet, but you can build a following and generate massive attention and awareness. The key with Instagram is artistry. And that brings us to the next topic.
2. Native Platform Posting

Each social network has its own unique set of standard and its own sense of community. A post that would work well on Twitter won’t make a move on Facebook. Instagram-style posts do reasonable well on FB but not so well on Twitter. It’s important that all of your social media remain platform native. Gay Vaynerchuk is a social media guru who speaks about native platform posting quite a bit.  (

3. Storytelling

Most of social media is about telling a story. When you create an ad for Facebook it doesn’t just have to be native, it has to tell a compelling story. If you sell shoes and post an ad that links to your shoe blog you want to make sure the ad compels click-through. If your Facebook post is just a picture of a shoe and a catchy headline, you might not get the results you want. However, if you post an ad with a photo of a person running while wearing your new shoe line, that may get some results.
4. YouTube, Vine, and Snapchat

First of all, YouTube is still a giant and useful tool. Nowadays everything is going super-visual. Your visual presence can really sell your business. If you create a video blog (vlog) and post it on YouTube once a week you can link it to your entire network immediately.

Vine and Snapchat are always fun and fast. If your demographic is a younger group, these two can certainly help to improve awareness of your company. Plus, it’s impressive to the younger crowd when they see a company on Snapchat or Vine. They see you as hip and relevant.
5. Pay Per Click and Social Media

Social media has entered the Pay-Per-Click domain in a big way. Almost every major platform is offering a PPC option in their marketing suite. Facebook alone is poised to take the lead in PPC advertising because of its cost-effectiveness, easy-to-measure metrics, and simplicity of operation.

SEO Austin has a renowned history with PPC advertising. Our team of experts has a combined knowledge base that surpasses most SEO companies in Texas today. We’ll be happy to help you figure out the numbers and logistics of a social media PPC campaign.
6. Local Strategy and Creative

It’s important to have a powerful local strategy. You have to time your content to enter the news feeds of your social networks at just the right time of day. Not only that, you have to time them to enter the feed at the right time of year. In other words, your Austin social media needs to be in line with Austin trends all year long.

The creative part of your social campaign should compel people to take action. Our creative team creates powerful ads and posts that psychologically trigger the correct response from your target. They’re also excellent at creating specific ads that cater to the community on individual platforms.
7. It All Seems Simple, Doesn’t It

The common misconception on social media is that all you have to do is get a Facebook page and your company will become a multi-billion dollar business in a couple of years. Know this: It takes a lot of work to get massive results on social media.

First you have to target the local market. Then you have to find the best platforms, create the best ads, test those ads, and fill them into a yearly marketing calendar that conincides with trends in Austin.

It’s almost impossible for you to do that on your own. I said, almost. It can be done. However with the amount of time it takes to run your business and handle the day-to-day activities, when will you have the time? Payroll, customer service, inventory, and all the other daily activities of running a local business make it really hard.
8. How To Make It Easy

The amount of time it would take to build a marketing team is daunting enough, not to mention the cost of trial and error. The best thing you can do is hire an established firm that will analyze your needs and help you to create a powerful marketing campaign. SEO Austin has a dedicated team of professional analysts, creatives, and managers who can take your company to the next level. With a strategic and effective social media program your company will get noticed, increase prospective clients, and grow the bottom line. And it will happen easily, quickly, and within your budget. There’s no better investment than marketing, and social media makes marketing more effective at almost half the cost of traditional marketing methods.

Source: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk and Social Media Austin


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