A Breakdown of Our Austin SEO Services

Posted on November 14, 2015 by SEO Austin

A Breakdown of Our Austin SEO Services

In order for a business of any kind to succeed, whether small or big, it needs to market itself. While traditional marketing, such as TV ads or magazine ads, are typically way too expensive for most smaller and mid-size company budgets, online marketing isn’t. Not to mention that online marketing tends to be much more effective as well. A huge factor in the success of your online marketing strategy will be how you optimize your website for SEO (search engine optimization). This is where we come in – we will provide your business with a complete SEO strategy that will include the following elements:

Client Requirements

Every company is different, which means that every marketing strategy will be different. Your SEO strategy will reflect your specific marketing goals and business needs. This includes understanding what your goals are – whether it’s to increase sales, increase brand exposure or generate more leads, to name a few. Your primary goal will determine what direction we take certain elements of your SEO strategy in, from your keywords to your content marketing. We also understand that most businesses have a limited budget. Every company’s marketing budget is different and we keep this in mind when developing your SEO strategy.

Keyword Research

As you probably know, the use of keywords throughout your website helps search engines like Google to identify what your website is about as well as rank your website on their search results pages. Higher rankings result in more exposure to searchers, which helps bring in more web traffic. However, there’s more to using keywords than just throwing in words that have to do with your business. For your keywords to be really effective, research is needed. Using information such as your business goals, your buyer persona and your searcher intent, we will craft strong, competitive long-tail keywords as well as local keywords that your business can actually rank for – as well as keywords that will bring in not just any traffic – but high quality traffic that has a better chance of converting.

Content Writing

Content is the foundation of all successful online marketing strategies. You need good content that is relevant to your brand in order to establish and grow a dedicated reader base. Good content will help establish your company as an industry authority, which will help strengthen your reputation and create brand loyalty and trust, important factors in generating leads. Not to mention that content is how you drive website traffic. We will help ensure that a solid content marketing strategy is in place. This means writing content that is relevant and fresh as well as publishing and sharing content on a regular basis.

Website Optimization

To ensure that your website gets as much exposure as possible, you need to make sure that your website is properly optimized for SEO. This goes far beyond just plugging in a few keywords into your blog. We will make sure your website is fully optimized by using effective and relevant keywords in your webpage titles, meta data, H1 and H2 tags, ALT image descriptions, anchor text and more. We will also make sure that your keywords are used appropriately. Many businesses believe that all they need to do is use a keyword as much as possible throughout their content; however, Google may identify this as a form of cheating (SEO tactics considered as a form of cheating are known as “black hat”), which can result in being penalized by Google, which could result in a demotion in ranking or even a removal from their search results page.

SEO Submission

The way that Google ranks websites is by sending out “spiders” to crawl through the Internet and record information about new websites (using keywords to identify the content of these websites). Once a website is crawled, it is ranked according to a number of different factors, including things like SEO optimization, social shares, external links and more. Instead of waiting for Google to crawl your website, we will make sure to submit your site so that it is ranked as quickly as possible. This also ensures that Google doesn’t rank an outdated version of your website since we will submit your site whenever major updates are made.

Link Building

One of the ways that Google determines the ranking of a site is by judging its popularity. Google assumes that the more popular your site is, the better quality your content must be. It determines the popularity of a site by things like page visits, social shares and inbound links. Inbound links are links that are posted on other websites directing visitors to your page. We will implement a link building strategy in order to not only increase the number of links pointed to your website, but to ensure that they are coming from high quality websites and are not originating from link farms (which is a black hat tactic that Google frowns upon). There are numerous strategies that we will implement in order to build your links, from submitting your website to local directories to making your content as shareable as possible.


Communication is key to running an effective SEO strategy, which is why we will provide full reports on changes made to your SEO strategy as well as performance results.

Website Analysis

In order to provide accurate reports, we will perform regular website SEO audits to analyze the the health of your website’s SEO. These means keeping track of how your keywords are ranking, keeping track of metrics (such as page visits, bounce rate, dwell time, domain authority and more) making sure your links are healthy, keeping track of social activity and more.
An effective SEO strategy is essential for any Austin business, big or small, that is looking to grow, not to mention to even survive. These are the Austin SEO services that we provide to our clients. For more information about our Austin SEO services and how we can improve your SEO strategy, be sure to contact us at SEO Austin today.







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