9 Tips For Making The Most Of Your Austin PPC Campaigns

Posted on January 15, 2016 by SEO Austin

Pay-per-click holds a position in web marketing as perhaps one of the most flexible, agile tools in a savvy marketers hands—a distinction which is meaningless unless you take the time to learn how to make the most of those advantages, and leverage PPC for more than just a few extra hits on your landing pages. Today, we’ll talk about how you can make the most of your Austin PPC campaign, with ten simple tips for optimal outcomes.

Take a holistic view of your marketing
Perhaps the most crucial aspect of maximizing the efficiency of your PPC campaign isn’t specific to PPC: taking the wider, more holistic approach to your marketing. Your PPC efforts should not exist in a vacuum separate from your SEO, your content funnels, your social marketing. These efforts should work together to reinforce one another; PPC feeding into content funnels, driving traffic to shareable content to bait backlinks, bringing interested eyes to your Twitter and Facebook pages. Every action you take online has ripple effects, and you can harness those ripples to your advantage if you plan broadly.

Feed appropriate different stages
Don’t deposit every possible incoming lead to the same landing page—you want to feed people to appropriate spots along your sales funnel, depending upon the search term they came from. If someone’s clearly right on the precipice of buying, for example, you don’t want to dump them at the very beginning of your funnel; nor do you want to take a prospect barely familiar with any of the concepts necessary to appreciate your product, and dump him or her on a hard-sell landing page. Match appropriate ads to appropriate destinations, and your sales will skyrocket.

Don’t skimp on copy
If you’re not familiar with the intricacies of writing ad copy, you’ll want to either train yourself to be an expert, or acquire the services of one to write your copy for you. The quality of your PPC ads’ text matters, and even the subtlest differences can add up to massive differences in your click-through rate on competitive terms.

Think broader  
Don’t limit yourself to immediately obvious searches. Sometimes there’s profit to be had by going into tangentially-related, non-competitive searches. You might not be able to move someone from a tangentially related search to action as quickly, but if the cost-per-click is low enough, it might result in an impressive ROI nonetheless. Consider not just your market and your customers, but other things they’re interested in—the less immediately obvious, the better.

Think narrower
Going more specific, more niche, works even better than going tangential. If you can find a highly specific, highly qualified search term related to your business, without much in the way of competition, you’re going to make far, far more money than you would off more expensive, less specific searches, even if your volume of traffic is lower. Specific ads linked to specific terms let you make specific approaches, and individualized marketing always works better than broadly applicable approaches.

Learn from your data
Effective PPC is more reliant upon crunching the numbers and making the most of your data than ever before. Learn to dig deep into your metrics and pore over your analytics suite until you understand every route to and through your PPC campaign possible. Only when you understand who is clicking, why they’re clicking, and how the move through your site can you develop a truly effective PPC campaign.

Clicks aren’t always the answer
Every click costs you money. Try not to lose sight of that in your PPC endeavors, as a click that doesn’t become a sale is a loss, no matter how nice it makes your traffic numbers look. Make sure you have the necessary tools to track clicks and make sure they’re providing a worthwhile ROI, lest your marketing become a monetary sink. You should also consider ways to profit from PPC which don’t involve clicks—sometimes, you can strengthen your image and branding just by having an ad to see, even if it itsn’t particularly enticing to click. When your brand and URL sit next to the major players of your industry,

Campaigns don’t need to last forever
There’s a tendency for PPC novices to view campaigns as if they need to last forever, and be eternally sustainable and profitable—nothing could be further from the truth. The incredible agility of PPC is one of its greatest strengths, allowing you to capitalize upon trends moments after they arise; long before SEO can do its job, you can put your company at the forefront of a new search. You should also consider the benefits of short-term, high-cost ‘blasts’ on competitive, valuable keywords. If you have something you know can spark positive word-of-mouth, you don’t need everyone to see your ad; you just need to position your product in front of people’s eyes long enough to get the ball rolling.

Never settle
Experiment, experiment, experiment. At no point should a PPC campaign be considered ‘perfect’, ‘finished’, or ‘optimal’. Split test forever, for big changes and small. Different urls, different ad copy, different landing pages, as many splits as your traffic can sustain. To make the most of PPC, you need to aim for the slimmest margins of improvement, which means constant experimentation and adaptation.

These nine tips don’t guarantee success with your PPC campaigns, but you’re certain to see better returns on your investment if you stay flexible and remember each of these. PPC works fine as a rigid bludgeon of a marketing tool, but you can get so much more from it, if you’re only willing to stop and think about it—or hire experts to do so for you.

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