Seven Benefits of Austin SEO Services Your Business Can’t Ignore

Posted on March 15, 2016 by SEO Austin

Trying to figure out the next move for growing a business in Austin? SEO services from an expert firm can have a massive impact on the quality and quantity of traffic your website sees, which can in turn drive a huge growth of your business.

Search Engine Optimization SEO
Search Engine Optimization SEO

Moreover, this works whether you operate primarily online or primarily via a brick and mortar location! Just consider these 10 benefits a sound SEO campaign can bring to your business, and make the right decision for the future of your online presence:

1) More traffic

At its simplest, SEO drives traffic to your site. Whether you’re selling products or services, working on your branding, seeking investors and business partners or end-users and customers, getting more eyes on your website for the search terms you value can only benefit you. Even if you don’t care much about your site in and of itself, a good flow of traffic opens a lot of doors to new opportunities in the future—it makes SEO a worthwhile investment, before considering any other advantages. Every set of eyes on content you control represents a chance to profit, if you only think carefully about how to go about it.

2) Better qualified leads

Of course, traffic alone isn’t necessarily all that valuable—it can be useful, but the best SEO doesn’t bring in pure numbers. Rather than page views, good SEO generates qualified leads—it brings in those prospects most primed for action, most likely to bridge the gap from curiosity to purchase. With the right SEO team at work on keyword research and other efforts, it becomes far easier to generate this sort of high-value traffic and produce the sort of highly qualified leads sales teams salivate over. The branding potential of eyes on your page may be nice, but nothing is nicer than paying customers in the end.

3) A broader reach

With a savvy SEO firm on your side, it becomes much easier to broaden your reach to new markets. This is largely a function of skilled keyword research and improved analytics; by looking at exactly who your real customers are, what motivates them to buy, which groups close quickly and which don’t close at all, a top notch SEO team can develop a thorough map to new markets, and richer segments within your existing markets. If you want to expand in low-competition, high-value ways, SEO and its associated tools may be one of your best routes to doing so.

4) Improved margins on marketing

The expense of SEO compared to its potential gains make it an extremely efficient form of marketing when compared with other routes to online accomplishment. Pay per click has its merits, but often leaves businesses reliant upon razor-sharp margins. Social marketing has too much opportunity to fail completely, even in competent hands—especially if your market isn’t particularly young or tech-savvy. Email marketing has died completely in certain industries and markets, though its still highly effective in others. Altogether, using SEO in combination with your other successful marketing approaches just makes too much sense not to take advantage of—your margins will improve, so long as you make the most of your opportunities.

5) Superior branding

Even if someone has never heard of your business before, if they search for a relevant term and get your website, it’s going to leave a lasting impression associating your business with their interest. This makes SEO an extremely powerful tool for branding, especially if you intentionally use it in such a way; low-competition searches may not be as directly profitable, but if you can be the first answer to many questions in your market, it’s going to make for a lasting impression. One which will lead to sales down the line, when those curious prospects decide to buy and remember your name.

6) Shutting out competitors

It’s simply not practical to ignore SEO completely, as doing so leaves every relevant search open to the most casual efforts of your competitors to plunder. Even worse, a complete dearth of SEO expertise on your side can result in direct searches for your brand leading to content provided by your competitors. Do you want the first thing anyone searching for your business to see to be a blistering indictment from a competitor, a negative review, or simply a competitor’s sales pitch mentioning you dismissively? If not, you need to invest in SEO, if only as a purely defensive measure.

7) Professional image

Going a step further, it’s not just harmful to your branding and bottom line to not control certain relevant search terms—it’s detrimental to your professional image. If a potential business partner does a search of your company to find out more about you, and instead gets a competitor, you’ve instantly painted your company as unprofessional or incompetent in the web realm. You can’t afford that sort of perception in business, not if you ever want to be able to negotiate as equals and forge worthwhile professional relationships. Cultivate strong SEO for your site, and you’re going to look much savvier, much more professional and much worthier of professional ties.

Final thoughts

These are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what a sound SEO campaign from a savvy firm can offer you, but they’re already more than enough to make it a reasonable investment for any business with even the tiniest interest in its web presence. Even primarily brick and mortar businesses need to take care that they maintain a professional web presence today, for an assortment of reasons. With a web presence so mandatory, and the potential of SEO so high, it’s clear that the vast majority of businesses should be taking their search engine optimization seriously.


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