December 3, 2015

Posted on May 16, 2016 by SEO Austin

Making the most of your Austin SEO isn’t just a matter of throwing endless content up with the right keywords attached—you need to apply rigorous best practices to your Internet marketing. There are no cheap tricks in the modern Internet marketing world; the Wild West of SEO has been tamed by Google and the other big search engines.

So follow these best practices, and generate an online presence certain to bring in the traffic you want:

Natural link profiles : Perhaps the single biggest change to SEO in recent years lies in how Google looks at your link profiles; once upon a time, linking to your page with anchor text such as “click here” or the URL would have been considered bad SEO. Now, Google expects this sort of natural linking in legitimate backlink profiles, and penalizes overly-manufactured profiles composed entirely of anchor text for your target keywords. Make sure you’re getting links for tangentially related phrases, general-purpose text such as ‘Click here’ and ‘this site’, and naked URL links.

Fresh content : Fresh, relevant content matters more than ever as Google and other search engines grow increasingly smart about how they read your site. Keyword stuffing was always low-brow SEO, and now it barely works at all. Develop original, relevant, quality content for your site if you want good search rankings.

Mobile-friendly : How you handle mobile matters a lot in the modern SEO landscape; consider a shift away from mobile sites and over to scalable web design, so you can have a single SEO-optimized page for users of a multitude of devices. Google developers have explicitly mentioned this in recent interviews, so give it your fullest attention!

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