March 27, 2016

Posted on May 16, 2016 by SEO Austin

Making the most of your Austin SEO means following certain rules in cultivating your online presence; failure to adhere to these best practices of SEO can result in sub-par ranking. So keep these best practices in mind, and do not stray from them:

1) Natural backlink profiles : Perhaps the single most important practice to follow in the modern era of SEO, a failure to maintain a natural-looking backlink profile will torpedo your hopes of good rankings. That doesn’t necessarily mean a savvy team can’t put together a network of sites solely to provide you with good backlinks, but it’s a big undertaking that requires commitment, time, and some know-how.

2) Fill in your site : Don’t leave anything on your site unfinished or dangling or anemic. Meta tags and descriptions may not count for a ton these days, but leaving them blank is unprofessional and has SOME impact on your site ranking, even if it’s no longer the be-all/end-all of SEO.

3) Real, fresh content : Do not, under any circumstances, fill your site with recycled material. Don’t fill it in and leave it alone until the end of days. You need original content, written for and by humans, on a regular basis. Anything else is going to lead you to the second page or worse, where you’re basically non-existent.

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