March 3, 2016

Posted on May 16, 2016 by SEO Austin

With the growth of mobile computing, the need for local businesses to take their internet presence seriously has reached all new heights; a potential customer out in town and looking for a place to shop isn’t going to look to the streets and signs, or recall commercials, or dig out a phone book; they’re going to check the internet on their phone, tablet, or laptop for a place to go. So before you dismiss internet marketing as irrelevant to your local business, consider these three benefits:

1. Keep the modern demographic : If you don’t have a presence online, those internet-dependent shoppers aren’t even going to know you exist. These are people who don’t own a phone book, skip commercials with DVR, and haven’t touched a print newspaper or magazine in years.

2. Prevent competitors from dominating : If you’re not present online, you’re leaving the entire conversation to your competitors who are. You can’t afford to have the only thing said about you on the internet be badmouthing from a rival; even if you aren’t dependent on the internet-only demographic, that one-sided shaping of opinion will have knock-on effects through word-of-mouth.

3. An exciting opportunity to grow : Internet marketing doesn’t have to be a grudging thing your business does to keep up; it can be an amazing opportunity to expand, appeal to new prospects, sell to a broader area, etc. You just need the right online marketing campaign for the Austin market.

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