November 15, 2014

Posted on May 20, 2016 by SEO Austin

One of the most common questions we receive from potential clients is whether or not Austin SEO services include both on-page and off-page services. The answer is yes. On-page Austin SEO services refer to changes made directly on your website that affect how search engines find the page. This includes (but is never limited to) adding keyword rich content, making sure the structure of the site is optimized, and ensuring all images include the right tagging. Off-page Austin SEO services are a little bit different. This term refers to marketing activities done online but not on your direct website.

This can include PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns, social media efforts, and link building. The best Austin SEO programs effectively combine both on-page and off-page optimization. It is this combination that allows your audience to grow through social media, web search, advertising, and much more. At SEO Austin, we help our clients come up with a package that utilizes both on-page and off-page options to meet their goals. We pay strict attention to industry trends and identify the best all encompassing plan for your site. It is this combination of efforts that has helped our clients grow their businesses and dramatically increase overall sales.

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