September 30, 2015

Posted on May 16, 2016 by SEO Austin

When you start an SEO campaign you want it to generate income as fast as possible, but what is the return on investment (ROI) you can expect? Is there any way to calculate how much SEO Austin Internet marketing services can make for your SEO campaign?

ROI Calculations for SEO Marketing Services

There is a formula you can use to calculate two types of ROI. The first is a rough estimate of how much you could make for your SEO marketing campaign based on an average, and the second is the actual ROI based on the actual numbers. To calculate this formula you need three factors:

Average Monthly Visitors
E-Commerce Rate
Average Order

As an example let’s say your business has 10,000 monthly visitors, has a .48% e-commerce rate and an average order of $50. Let’s say that your SEO project costs $2,500. So to break even, you need to have orders to equal the $2,500 cost.

SEO cost/average order = $2,500/$50 = 50 orders to break even
Number of orders to break even (50)/ e-commerce rate (.48%) = 10,417 more traffic

Any additional traffic or sales above the break-even point that SEO Austin drives to your website would be pure profit. You can calculate projected profits based on these numbers, and by doubling the projected sales numbers of 50 to 100, you could have a 100% ROI.

Internet marketing in Austin can show major returns for savvy business owners, but that success depends upon your ability to capitalize upon the opportunities in front of you-something SEO Austin is uniquely equipped to help you with. Your expected ROI with our services will come from three key points:

Reach growth : Working with SEO Austin will help grow your total reach, getting your content and brand in front of a bigger audience-but a targeted, relevant one. By expanding reach with focused intent, instead of blindly seeking any traffic possible, you get more ‘bang for your buck’ for the effort and resources expended. This in turn leads to a higher ROI than less thoughtful outreach efforts.

Image development : Our social marketing efforts develop an image with the demographics you care about-and that image informs your relationship with your prospects, customers past and present, potential business partners, and anyone else who might take an interest. A strong, relevant public image is crucial to long-term success; customers stand by businesses they like over businesses with superior products, and referrals come to reputable, popular firms. This is a difficult ROI to quantify, but it’s extremely valuable nonetheless.

Refined lead generation : With our social marketing techniques, you don’t get the same spread of useless-to-excellent leads you might get with other Internet marketing services: you get relevant, qualified high ROI leads from your social outreach, because that outreach itself is aimed at those groups most likely to become customers. Waste less time on low-value leads, and make the most of your sales team’s efforts.

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