September 30, 2015

Posted on May 16, 2016 by SEO Austin

For local businesses SEO can be complex and a little confusing. Nevertheless, Austin-based businesses can benefit greatly from using the right techniques, and proper SEO strategies are practically a must-have for any company that does business online to thrice.

Here’s a list of best practices you can use to increase your response rate exponentially. Apply them, and reap the rewards of greater attention to your local business.

1. Make sure the meta tags for your web pages are arranged effectively.The title, followed by a description in sentence format containing your keyword(s), followed by a call to action.

2. It’s also a good idea to have an HTML site map. Every page in your site should link to the sitemap. Most of the time the link will be in the footer.

3. Web analytics are a big deal for SEO strategy. You have to ensure they’re properly set up and that you have a good way to monitor them. You want to monitor them regularly so you can test the performance of keywords.

4. You should always be up-to-date on your mobile usability. Google is improving user experience and monitors all aspects of mobile usability. Make sure you’re up to date with Google’s standards.

There’s so much more that could be said about best practices for SEO. By having the most efficient and effective SEO strategy available today, you can insure that your business will get noticed. SEO Austin has an amazing team of experts, analysts, and designers to help you out. Just let us know what your goals are and we can help you meet them.

If you live or work in Austin and want to drive global and local business to your website, you need to employ two tactics effectively: become an industry expert and optimize your site for SEO. Both of these strategies are easier said than done, but they can be accomplished with consistent effort and, preferably, a reputable digital marketing firm by your side. Here’s how to increase your presence with wholesome practices:

1. Become an industry expert

Post valuable information: Other Austin businesses in your industry have similar articles on their websites. The fastest way to become an authority in your industry is to post useful information no one else has. Prospective customers and website visitors from around the globe will notice and return to your site if your articles cover novel but relevant topics to your industry in more depth, with a new tone, and from a different perspective than your competitors.

If no one is funny, be funny: If no one is teaching customers how to save money and avoid getting ripped off, teach them how to do so. Being original is your key to success.

Be consistent: Website visitors will begin to trust you if you employ consistent posting practices. Develop a habit of posting new articles and information on a predictable and regular basis.

Make sure you have homepage content : Your homepage should include valuable information that describes what you do, and how you’re different from everyone else in your industry in Austin. All too often, homepages are left blank and visitors do not know what value you offer.

Information on each page :It’s easy to write pages that only have a few sentences on them, but this practice will not win you visitors. Make sure that each page answers how customers can benefit from your product or service, where they can find it, when they can use it, and what other information they may want to consider.

Title tags: Use the keyword in your title tags, and don’t forget you only have 500 pixels of space to use for a title tag. Choose your words wisely.

2. Optimize your pages around relevant keywords

Keywords in the title : When you create titles and subheadings, it’s important that you assign a higher value to the title. Make sure your subheadings are H2 or lower ranking tags than your title tag, and include your keyword in the title.

Keywords in the body of your articles : Write an article that is useful to your readers. Make the keyword flow naturally into the text and avoid forcing its use in a way that does not benefit the overall piece. Do not focus on attaining a specific keyword density. Instead, focus on creating excellent content that informs your readers and inspires them to share your article. Google will punish black-hat SEO tactics like high keyword density. More importantly, Google rewards organizations that write for readers, not search engines.

Keyword in your URL :Don’t forget to include your keyword in the page link!

Keyword in alt text for images : When writing the alt text for images, include your keyword. Doing so makes it possible for your image to show up on an image search for that particular word.

3. Be Diligent

Building a strong online presence in the Austin area and beyond is a matter of practicing wholesome SEO regularly. No one builds a business overnight, and similarly, no one becomes an industry leader without consistent efforts. With strategic diligence, your online presence will increase and your website will register an increase in traffic and leads.

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