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The FAIRmetrix Advantage

Our proprietary campaign tracking software

When we put all the pieces of the F.A.I.R. system together- what do you get? The goal is always ROI (Return On Investment). Begin with one of our unique ‘up’ marketing formulas , next monitor the analytics and track all of the inbound leads. The final piece of the equation is calculating our clients ROI.

Each month we produce custom ROI reports which are sent out to all of our clients. We assign a monetary value to every lead that was logged and tracked within our web-based lead system. This allows us to show the projected or potential business in dollars that could have been acquired by our clients.

We realize that ROI projections based on lead counts are not enough for everyone so in addition to sending ROI projection reports we also have our internal marketing consultants schedule a quarterly meeting with our clients to calculate true ROI numbers. In this meeting we ask our clients to open their books and share sales data with us so that we may match this data with our actual leads. We realize that some clients want to keep customer data confidential so we are prepared to sign non-disclosure agreements to keep this information private.


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